Chippendale Transformer Services Inc. has been operating in Canada and the United States since 2010. Our crew has a combined experience of working on more than 200 transformers, using the most advanced technology available in the transformer oiling industry. Our team has worked on power transformers of various sizes from 40 MVA up to 500 MVA. Since 2010, we have provided transformer and vacuum oil processing to customers in a wide variety of industries, including utilities, independent power producers, oil and gas, wind farms and pulp and paper. With our two Vacuum Oil Processors mounted in 53 ft. fully insulated trailers and pulled by our own tractors, we are fully mobile and capable our providing our services to customers across Canada and the USA.


Chippendale Transformer Services Inc is very proud of its clean environmental record. We have various environmental safety procedures in place to ensure the environment is left unspoiled after our services. We take great care to minimize environmental impact with NO environmental incidents.


We're happy to serve you, and look forward to hearing from you soon!

Brian Chippendale

General Manager



Keith Inman

Business Development



Evelyn Wolstenholme

Office Administrator