CTS has invested in two high vacuum oil purification units which were designed and built to our specifications by Baron USA.  Our team chose Baron to build our units as they provide the highest quality and most reliable transformer equipment that we have experienced.  Baron is recognized globally as the leading manufacturer of oil purification equipment.


Vacuum Oil Processing Equipment

Our Vacuum Oil Processing Equipment is fully designed and set up to operate in varying weather conditions from plus 40 degrees to Celsius to minus 40 degrees Celsius. Our oil processing capabilities meet or exceed all transformer manufacturers’ oiling specifications and requirements; effectively and efficiently providing oil processing services on power transformers of all sizes.

  • Our (2) Baron Model 3600, Utility Class, Vacuum Oil Purifiers are equipped with:
  • Dual vacuum pump system which allows for a vacuum pump and booster package to be dedicated to transformer evacuation while the other vacuum pump and booster are dedicated to oil processing.
  • 256 KW Split heater system
  • Built in software instrumentation package allows for reliable monitoring of all aspects of the oil processing operation.
  • Dry air system to backfill transformers when breaking vacuum. Capability to go down to minus 70 degrees Celsius.
  • On board 400 KW Generator for completely independent operation in any location. The generator has sound proofing to 68DB, which allows us to work without disruption to our customer’s operation.

Oil Reclamation Unit

with Twin 850lb Fullers Earth Towers

Oil Reclamation Unit with Twin 850lb Fullers Earth Towers, mounted in a separate mobile unit, work in tandem with the VOP units to provide effective and economical oil reclamation services. This system is designed for the regeneration of transformer oil by Fuller's Earth Filtration. Benefits to the oil include: acidity reduction, colour improvement and sludge reduction.

Trojan Dry Out System

Trojan Dry Out System, a truly unique system, the TDOS uses large capacity adsorbent filters to remove moisture in the insulation down to very low levels. The water removal filters are automatically redried by the system with no operator involvement required. The TDOS also includes an optional vacuum degassing cycle to remove all gases.

Designed for long term, unattended operation on energized transformers, the TDOS uses large capacity adsorbent filters to remove moisture in the oil and cellulose insulation to very low levels.

The TDOS has three optional treatment cycles: Analysis, Degassing Low Vacuum and water removal.

Portable Vacuum System

Our Portable Vacuum System is a High vacuum system from Baron USA, that is used in assisting with the assembly process. We recently purchased this piece of equipment to expand our capabilities to work in adverse weather conditions. This system minimizes moisture and preserves the integrity of the transformer.


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